Friday , September 21 2018


I affirm that my spirit, soul and body is impacted by God’s divine presence. I am a participator in the divine nature, I have heaven in me; therefore, everywhere I go God goes. I am not helpless, but empowered to effect changes in the circumstances of life by faith and in the Name of Jesus. My faith in God and in the power of His Word prevails today, and always. My mind is stationed and focused on the Lord, for He is my delight! In Him, I have found peace, salvation, victory, unending joy, and life everlasting! I grow in grace and in the knowledge of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The beauty of God in my spirit is showing forth on the outside, evidently manifest for all to see! Excellence, glory, virtue and success are the hallmarks of my life. I live in victory over circumstances, daily making progress, and moving forward unto higher dimensions of the Spirit. Blessed be God!


• This is something to shout about. Keep saying it and your life will go in one direction only—upward and forward. You can now reach us on:

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God bless you.


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  1. innocent ngulama

    thanks alot the affirmation train team. you really doing great job and the fact that evident progress is inevitable once i started imbibing on these daily posts.

    but there is this concern i would like you to look into.. since the end of last month i observed a change in the the you post your posts. what i mean is that, you post a small chunk and the rest of the post you go like click to view the rest of the post. well to be honest with you since this began i have been experiencing problems to access the rest of the post because most of the times connection is lost while clicking on that option(mostly the window comes as a redirection, so it’s generally not effective.
    on top of that in most places like here in Malawi service provider’s network is not that powerful to perform all that you are requiring as of late.

    we just end up just confessing the few just that shows up ad we ain’t able to access the rest. and fro those who share with their friends they share the same incomplete posts.

    would you consider of moving back to the old way of posting your posts if possible.

    God bless you..

    Innocent Ngulama
    Malawi college of medicine

    • affirmationtrainorg

      Thank you so much for writing us… God bless you. We understand the challenge and we will table the challenge to the whole team.

  2. Praise God forevermore


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