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It is said that Africans only celebrate people when they are gone (when they’ve checked out of this physical world). This kind of attitude must change. This kind of culture is not an African culture but a demonic culture. We must learn to celebrate what is good and good things will come to us. We must learn to believe and love the truth. If we love the truth; the truth will come to us. People who love lies will always have lies. Their lives will always be a manifestation of lies.

Love the truth and the truth will celebrate you. Africa, hear me; celebrate good things. When you find something good, don’t destroy or curse it, don’t be the one who will not let good things rise. When people do good things, praise them. It’s so sad that throughout Africa, people only love the dead, they celebrate the dead and destroy the living. Those working in the Media no longer report when good is done… They only spread the news that brings others down and makes our continent look bad.

Africa be wise

Today a lot of people in Africa have come to believe that anything good or successful must have some elements of demonic power. This kind of mindset is completely wrong. Celebrate good things and you will find the Spirit of God working on your behalf. We have sportsmen and women who have done well, celebrate them. We have politicians who have done well, let’s celebrate them. We have all kinds of achievers in our societies, they should be celebrated and not destroyed.

I say to those working in the Media to write good news. Africa, celebrate good things, celebrate what you have. This message is a call for change, leaders of Nations should look for what is good in their country and praise it. Do not destroy the image of a man just so you can look good. In school, praise what is good. The government no longer give scholarship for excellence in school, all that has been forgotten. We have to change such a system and do what is right.

Don’t frame up good people, don’t castigate their character or make them look bad. If we make everyone look bad, the younger generation has nothing to look up to. Let’s praise what is good and be wise in our dealings with others. Join me to say, “Africa, be wise!” The call is the same throughout the world calling for Africa to be wise. It’s time we Praise and celebrate what is good in our society.

If we do this little thing, the will be a great difference and we will begin to celebrate more and more prosperity. The prosperity that few people are enjoying will become what every other person can partake. Everyone may not be rich the same, but everyone can have enough. More than enough such that they can help someone else.

[This is a transcript of the message of the year ( The Year of The Spirit) By Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.



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