Tuesday , October 22 2019



I want to pray for you at this moment, and there are some of you who say you want to receive the Holy Spirit – I think you can receive the Holy Spirit right now. And plus that, if you are sick or diseased or afflicted, I believe you can be healed even now.

And in the Name of Jesus, I command sickness to leave your body. I command the infirmity to go! Be healed in your body in Jesus’ mighty Name! I see someone who’s been wanting to have children. Now, that evil power that’s been holding you back, the authority – the dominion – of that evil power over your body is broken in Jesus’ mighty Name, and your body is loosed, and you will be able to have children.

Now, be healed; maybe you have an infirmity in your blood [in your blood vessels] be healed right now, in Jesus mighty Name! Be healed of that blood condition; be healed in your heart; be healed in your eyes, in Jesus’ mighty Name! From the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, be made every whit whole in Jesus’ Name, right now. Amen!

Atmosphere of Miracles

Now, you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Receive the Holy Spirit now in Jesus’ Name. Receive the Holy Spirit and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Be filled with the Holy Spirit right now, by the power of the Holy Ghost. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord Jesus. Yes! May God’s peace fill your home; may God’s peace fill your life – fill your spirit right now – fill you to over flowing! The anointing of God [is] flowing through you right now, in Jesus’ Name.

I see someone with a deaf ear. I command that deaf ear to open up in Jesus’ Name. I see a girl [a little girl] about in her teenage years – somewhere between thirteen and fifteen is what I’m seeing – and she’s been unable to walk, and actually has been using a wheelchair. Young lady, in the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed! Be healed!! Be healed right now!!! I see a lady named Ann; you’re healed in Jesus’ Name. Be healed! Be healed!! Rise up and walk!!! Yes, walk in Jesus’ Name. Receive strength in your limbs. Receive strength for your body, in the Name of Jesus! I see someone else who’s been connected to an oxygen tank. You’ve also had a terrible asthmatic problem. Your heart is healed, your lungs are healed in Jesus’ mighty Name, and the back pain you’ve been suffering from is healed – the spinal problem is healed in Jesus’ Name. Yes! Receive healing into your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet! You are healed, in Jesus’ mighty Name! Amen!! Praise the Lord. I’ll see you again. Keep living in an Atmosphere of Miracle.



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  1. Praise the Lord I need pastor to assist me more in how I can listen to the spirit of God and adhere to the command given Amen

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