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QUESTION: Are the diseases we suffer acts of the devil? Are they evil spirits or demons? If they are, how come that doctors cure them even when they don’t have the Holy Spirit? From Kenneth (Malawi)

First and foremost, it is important for you to know that it is not every sickness that is directly from the devil. Sometimes there are different things that happen to people and Jesus never even gave us the impression that all sicknesses and disease were directly connected with satan, of cause he has remote involvement because he was the cause of it from the very beginning. Because the Bible tells us through sin death came into the world and sickness is incipient death. So, otherwise, it would have not been possible for you to be sick at all. But then your question is “If satan has something to do with it, how come doctors are able to cure them”. Well, another very important thing you to know is that satan is not omnipotent. He doesn’t have all the power, he can’t control all of nature. So, no matter what he does we still have some power, we still have some influence in our own lives as an individual. We can exercise our authority. For example, if you study in the scripture you find there is a story about a man who was demon possessed in Gadara. The Bible tells us that he had a legend of devils, and as Jesus came by that street. The bible says the man ran towards Jesus, now the devils didn’t make him go to Jesus. If they have anything to do with it they would have wanted him not to go there but they couldn’t stop the man from running towards Jesus even though he was demon-possessed (Mark 5:1-9). And that is about how far it gets when demons can control that man life to a large extent.

So, even people who are demon possessed are not hundred percent controlled by the devil because the individual as a will of his own. Now, when you understand that, you can understand that no matter what the devil does we still have some power, some influence because human beings were made to be higher than angels especially when it comes to that, that these demons are falling angels. So, even though, satan has done something, you can undo what satan has done. To a large extent, you can undo it. Let’s assume that satan caused a man to have an accident, lets even assume that he was so possessed, he had an accident and he damaged his car. You can take the car for the repairs, satan can’t stop the repair of the car. You can fix the car, even if your tyres got deflated through a satanic manipulation. How come you can fix the car, so why can’t satan stop you from fixing the car. If satan has the power many people think he does, he would have killed everybody, so why hasn’t he done it he will like to. The reason he hasn’t done it is because he can’t. So, that proves that satan doesn’t have all the power and so we can a lot of times undo a lot of what the devil has done when we understand how but in many things even in medical science they don’t have all the answers and where they don’t have the answers they are unable to do anything about it. So, we don’t at all imply that when the devil has done something we can’t undo it. No, see man was raised or made to have more power than satanic forces but because he fell back there in the garden, he lost his authority and so Jesus Christ as come to give us authority in His Name. So, what we are unable to do by human ability, we can do in His Name which is higher than human ability. So, you can do a lot as human being and that’s why the doctors can also do a lot and they will do more but then where they fail, we can do much more.

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  1. Goodday pst sir and thank u specially for this opportunity.sir people die where do they go to? Heaven or hell if heaven or hell how is it possible to raise one who probably went to hell back to life?

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