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QUESTION: Is it possible for someone who has sold his soul to the devil to be born again?

ANSWER: I think we need to probably explain a little bit of what we mean by selling the soul to the devil and then to which extent the person has related with the devil. But is it possible? It is possible. The Bible says that Jesus bought the whole field including everyone under every authority; those that are under the power of darkness included. The only thing that we might consider is how far this person has gone in his relationship with the devil because he may have gone beyond by blaspheming against the Holy Spirit in his fellowship with the devil, and then, in that case, he has crossed the line and that will not entitle him for salvation anymore.

We don’t know the extent of sale because he used the word sold and we do not know the transactions regarding the sale. The world is legally saved but for someone to be vitally saved, he has to accept Jesus Christ. This person from the question obviously is not someone who was born again and backslid, it doesn’t seem to suggest that; but I believe that if he receives the Word of God no matter the extent to which he has gone, if he receives the Word of God, he can be saved. He can be saved because firstly he doesn’t have a right over his soul to sell his soul. You quoted scripture that Jesus bought the whole field and so all souls belong to Jesus Christ. So, there is no such thing as you selling your soul; it doesn’t belong to you anyway! So, you can’t sell to the devil.

You just can’t do that. It doesn’t belong to you. You only sell what belongs to you and since God said all souls are mine, no one has a right over his soul. So even if you sat and said, “Devil I want to sell my soul to you today”; it’s still an illegal transaction – it will not work, it will not be recognized! Satan, of course, will take advantage of that situation and try to destroy your life, run your life but that’s not the way God is looking at it. God’s not going to be saying, “Well you sold your soul to the devil”. What did the devil pay for it? So, you can’t sell your soul to the devil no matter how many times you say it.

But blasphemy against the Holy Spirit that’s if we’re looking at it from a moral standpoint; when you say someone has given himself so much to the devil to the point that he blasphemes against God. Well, Jesus said if you blaspheme against the father, you’ll be forgiven; if you blaspheme against the son, you’ll be forgiven, but if you blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, you’ll never be forgiven in this world or in the world to come. So, it is assumed that such a fellow doesn’t even know enough about the Holy Ghost to blaspheme against the Holy Ghost; that we’ll assume. So, selling your soul to the devil is an illegal transaction not recognized by God and so He’s not going to be holding you about that. So, anyone really can be saved. Praise God! Hallelujah! You can also ask your question here. 

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity, My question is how do one blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

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