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I want to welcome you to today’s program. It’s a special one. Our monthly communion service.

Q and A Session With Pastor Chris

Question about the fall of Babylon in Revelation 4:18 refer to the United States of America?

Answer… It is not referring to the USA. It’s referring to religion. Babylon is not a reference to the US

Question about what the spirit is saying about… Isaiah 30:23-33, Isaiah 37, Joel 2:7-32,

Answer… It has certain things to do with the time table. But she is mixing up certain scriptures. You’ve got to realize that everything there is not in the distant future. Some things will be, but others have been fulfilled. There is some about the millennial reign of Christ. They are not all about what’s happening today.

Question about the kingdom of God and being a perfect Christian and how to go on the first flight…

Answer… Beautiful question… To be a perfect Christian, you must be growing in grace, participate, be a witness. Go to church, participate, bear witness, be actively involved. Discover God’s purpose. Be baptized, it represents a disconnection from the world. Besides, how to go on the first flight. Hebrew 9:28, 2 Timothy 4:8. There should be Earnest expectation. Looking forward to His soon coming.

Question about what will happen if someone is forced to take the mark of the beast unknowingly or by force.

Answer… There are things the Lord is definite about. Taking the mark of the beast has no middle ground. The reason for taking it is not important. Revelation 14:9-11. Think about that. I told you the reason for it. It’s not something anybody should somehow take and reverse it. You can’t reverse the process. The mark of the beast is supposed to bring you into global citizenship. It’s a trick. It’s a global ID and takes you away from your local citizenship. These are all the tricks… Look at the bible, God warned us already. I gave you from the scriptures ways to calculate the coming of Christ. I’ve studied the scriptures and brought the information from the Bible. Do your search and research. The church was given two thousand years from when Jesus walked away from that temple. The year was that. Jesus was thirty-three years old then. He would be somewhere close. He was about thirty years old when He started His ministry. It may be a matter of months. His ministry was about three years. That is it, not knowing the day or hour. We can be as close as knowing the year.

Here’s another thing. When was Jesus born? He was born in 2 BC. If Jesus was born somewhere as 2 BC, it is closest to that with other facts. If you’re counting that it will be AD thirty-one somewhere. Have that perspective in mind for a moment. Go to when the fig tree, when it’s branch is yet tender, summer is near. It’s referring to Israel, the antichrist will sign a treaty with Israel, which will be the last seven years of Daniel’s seventeenth week. The period between the 69th and 70th… This generation will not pass… Israel became a state in 1948. Add 100 years from then. Take that in and then remember, that one includes that 7 years. Blog in all that. You will arrive at almost the same timing. Approximately the same figures.

We’re talking about the closeness of the Lord’s coming. It is so close. There’s a difference between the coming of the Lord and the second coming. The context will help you understand the context. We will meet Him in the air during the rapture of the church. The advent, He will come to the earth with those with Him. This is the more appropriate second coming. At the rapture, we will meet Him in the air and in the clouds and we will go away for the period of the tribulation.

Question about the church not passing through the tribulation…

Answer… The elect that will go through the tribulation. God called Jesus the elect and those that followed Him. It applied to the Jewish people and those who will believe in Jesus Christ during the great tribulation. This will be a multitude. They missed the first flight and wouldn’t miss the second flight. Certainly, there will be a second one. Every Christian should go on the first flight. Don’t call Him Lord, Lord and not do what He asks you to, stay in Christ. You can’t be in Jesus and in the world at the same time. No room for games. Be very definite. Belong to Him wholly.

Question about Genesis 6:4, Fallen Angels

Answer… This is very important… Are these fallen angels spirits or humans? There are two groups. The first group is spirits. Spirits are not just invincible. In Hebrew 13:2 – there are people that have entertained angels unawares. How can you entertain invincible Angels? Certain times, Angels appear and were seen and entertained. Abraham made food for them. An angel brought Elijah food. Jacob wrestled with one. Praise God. The next group was human beings that sexually produced Giants. Ok.

Question about when the rapture will take place…

Answer… The rapture itself is a sign of the end. The world will shape up thereafter. There’s no sign for it. Jesus shared stories of what He is doing with the church. We know how close it could be. The minimum time between the rapture and the second coming which is seven years. It could happen anytime before. Take away those last seven years… They are like overtime for the other believers.

Question- When will the Holy Spirit exit from the earth?

Answer… The Holy Spirit will not exit. After the rapture, there are people that will accept Christ and it takes the conviction of the Holy Spirit for that. The 144,000 can only carry their ministry. The last is the two witnesses… The Holy Spirit will be on the earth during this period. Jesus will come back with those that have been raptured for Him. The Holy Spirit will not exit.

salvation to everyone who believes.

Question About those things that can make a born again Christian miss the first flight?

Answer – if you’re a Christian, live for Christ. The parable of the virgin. Be afire for Christ. Don’t be caught unaware. Be vigilant. Be a servant doing the work of the Master. I kind of like the way it sounds, “First Flight”.

Question About 2 Thess 2:7 – the He is the church. It should have been the Holy Spirit.

Answer – there are many things you could hear if you listen to a lot of people. Let me help you out. Pastor gave us three options and narrowed it down to the church. The church is not She. The church is not really referred to as the bride of Christ. There are other groups. The church is the body of Christ and Jesus is the head. The church is always referred to as he, not a she.

Revelation 21:7-

Jesus is called the Lamb of God. The bride of Christ is that great city, the holy Jerusalem. The twelve tribes of Isreal. The twelve apostles of the lamb. The point is that he showed him the heavenly Jerusalem. Hebrews 12:22 – the heavenly Jerusalem, the general assembly of the firstborn… There are Old Testament saints that arose with Jesus are part of this bride of Christ. It’s not just the New Testament saints. God spoke about the coming of this new Jerusalem, a heavenly one. That’s the same city John was shown in revelation.





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