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QUESTION – Maria (United Arab Emirates): Can any believer go to two churches to get the Word? Is it against God’s will?

ANSWERS : What I think you’re asking here is attending two different churches. Well, “can any believer go to two churches to get the Word? Is it against God’s will?” No, it’s not against God’s will. But, see, going to two churches to get God’s Word? Hmmn…there’s a little problem here…it’s like belonging in two different families, and we usually don’t belong in two different families; we belong in one family…we belong in one family, and that’s important. You’re nurtured in one family. You don’t get nurtured in this family, and then you go to the other family to be nurtured.

When you talk about ‘getting the Word’, you’ve got to understand the ministry of the Word of God. We don’t just go to church to get the Word; we’ve got a function. You don’t get the Word until you are in the Word [you understand?] You’ve got to be a participator in the Word. So, you’re not only expected to hear the Word; you’re expected to also give into the Word. That means, ‘live according to that Word’ and that Word leads you.

So, if you attend a church, you’re expected to not only hear the Word in that church but to participate in the ministry of that church. And, that’ll be a problem if you belong in two churches. And, it’s not appropriate for you to be going to a particular church just to hear the Word and you don’t participate; sooner or later, you’d feel like something’s gone wrong. You know, like Kenneth Hagin used to say, it’s like washing your feet with your socks on. You’d feel like something’s wrong. So, you can’t really participate in two churches; so, getting the Word is not done until we’re part of the Word, until we minister with the Word, [and] until we participate in that church. So, that’s why you can only really be a member of one church.

And, you can say, “oh, well, what of if I’m a member of one church but I go to another?” Well, that means you’re like a little bit of a thief [you see], because you go there, you hear the Word, but you don’t participate. But, they expect you to put the Word you’re receiving to work in that church as well. So, you’ve got to be disciplined; you’ve got to stay in one church – the church where the Word of God is leading you, where you’re being taught and strengthened and nurtured, and where you will participate, because every Christian is expected to participate in a church. There are many Christians who move around – they just go from one church to another…they say, “well, it depends on where I want or where the Spirit of God is leading me this week.” [You know] these are indisciplined Christians; they cause problems everywhere. They’re indisciplined.

going to two different churches

It’s like children who go sleeping from one uncle’s house to another and then another friends house tomorrow, and so on. [See], they’re indisciplined; they’ve never been brought up. But, when you’re brought up, you’ve got to have a home church. It’s important! For example, when the Apostles…after they were chastised…remember, something had happened to Peter and John; [after] they were chastised, the Bible says they returned to their own company – in other words, the believers among whom they fellowshipped regularly [Acts 4:18-23]. Now, that was not the only place where Christians met, but that was where they [Peter and John] met. It was in John-Mark’s house, and Peter went there [you know]. So, that’s important. Okay!

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