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QUESTION: Hi Pastor, firstly I just want to thank God for you; I have been healed through the Healing School. I was HIV positive but I went for the winter School in July and I thank God for my life today. I have a question regarding wine, when I tell people that drinking alcohol is wrong, they tell me “Why did Jesus make wine at the wedding in Cana if drinking alcohol is wrong”. Please clarify this issue for me; some people are refusing to listen to what I have to say about Christ because of this issue. Mbali from South Africa

Well, That means they are trying to pick issues with Jesus. Anyway, you know the bible didn’t say that drinking alcohol is a sin, he didn’t say that, he didn’t say that, what the bible says is for us not to drink in excess, and remember, he wasn’t making alcohol an issue at any time because he doesn’t want us to do anything in excess anyway, see, I mean he doesn’t want you to eat in excess or drink water in excess or anything you do in excess. So, what the Lord really tells us is not to drink in excess. I will read that to you in a moment and that is very important. But you know the more you grow in spiritual things, the more you live things that are unnecessary behind. growth is not just living bad things for good things, it means living good things for the best things. Let me read something to you from the book of Ephesians 5:18 “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; tells us not to be drunk with wine but be filled with the spirit.

alcoholic drink

The Amplified version says, “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but ever be filled and stimulated with the (Holy) Spirit”. So, that’s what God wants us, he didn’t say don’t drink! No! He said don’t be filled with wine, don’t be drunk with wine. He says, be rather drunk with the Spirit, be filled with the Spirit, don’t be drunk with wine. So, don’t make wine an issue of your preaching when you talk to people about Jesus Christ because naturally, as they grow in the things of God, they will leave the wine behind, if they don’t find any serious benefits in it. So, it’s not an issue, don’t make it an issue. God didn’t make it an issue neither should you. click here to summit your questions

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  1. I love you pastor sir
    My question goes this way, does my pastor have right to influence everything about me? Such as my choice, etc as a result of spiritual training

  2. Patience Ganou Oumarou

    Thank you pastor sir for this answer

  3. JesusFollowerMassiveHeart

    Alcohol is a sin as stated multiple times within the Bible. We are not meant to bear clothes that show our wealth. Women should cover their hair, and not flaunt their sexuality or bodies. Alcohol should not be consumed. These are all sins we ignore, but the most important! Read the bible, feel, and answer for yourself. Its in plain text !

  4. But that is the truth. It’s not written in the Bible like Pastor has said. If you keep telling them to stop, they will even win the argument, you who is convinced will now look like a liar. As they grow in the Word of God, they will know drinking alcohol is not necessary. There is a lifestyle of a mature man in Christ.

  5. On the issue of drinking wine this is my own opinion based on the bible. I think we need to define wine in this context. I believe as christian who are born again we should not drink any (alcohol) wine at all. The reasons are stated according to the bible below.

    The bible says the following:

    In Proverb 20 : 1 calls wine a mocker and strong drink a raging.

    In proverb 31 : 6 says we should give strong drink to those who are ready to perish and wine to those of heavy hearts.

    In Proverb 31 : 4 say Kings don’t drink wine or strong drinks and the bible called us kings and priests.

    In proverb 21 : 17 says he that love wine will not be poor.

    In Isaiah 5 : 11 it declares woe on them that take strong drink and wine.

    In Romas 14 : 21, it says If it will cause our brother to stumble, offended or weak we should not drink.

    I believe I have made some points from the following scriptures.

    Thank You.


    Thank you Sir…

  7. Good afternoon pastor Chris sir,

    Thank you so much for your passion for God and His Kingdom. I really love your response to the wine/ drinking question. You where so right when you said,as people grow in God,they will leave things that are irrelevant behind.

    It happened to me, I used to love drinking Irish cream and champagne but the more I get filled with the Holiy spirit I noticed that the desire to take them left me.

    Drinking very strong black coffee was one thing I never thought I would cut down on, until one morning I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to cut down on my intake on black coffee.

    After that, my cravings for strong black coffee reduced to 90%. I only drink black coffee once a while now. God is really so awesome pastor. He is caring and loving, full of mercy.

    May God bless you, keep you and continue to use you to show his glory to the world – In Jesus might name ‘ Amen

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