Tuesday , December 18 2018

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN – Taking God’s divine presence into every man’s world through the social media platforms.

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  1. Pastor Bayol Avah

    Thank you Pastor Sir, for training us in righteousness. I love you Sir.

  2. My life has been reshaped with declarations from affirmation train. I’m riches blessed by those rhema.

  3. Richelle Grace Bissi

    Gloryyyyyyy! ! ! ! , the life of God at work in me has made me triumphant over the world coupled with affirmation of the rhema. Thank you Pastor Sir, thank you Lord Jesus.

  4. #cesazone4
    Thank you Pastor sir. For making Our lives a worth living we are so grratdul to God.

  5. Rev. Justice Kwegyir-Aggrey

    I can’t thank Pastor Chris enough. Thanks so much for throwing your suit on me in my dream.

  6. I’m so blessed By the Daily Affirmations 🙌🙌🙌

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