Wednesday , February 21 2018

Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilone And Pastor Benny Hinn Live.

Stay connected to what the Spirit of God is doing in the now by joining Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn.





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  1. Halleluiah Thank you Pastor

  2. I am a KING and PRINCESS unto GOD indeed

  3. Thank you all for all the wonderful and blessed affirmation prayers n glorious message am bless

  4. I am overwhelmed with the messages n prayers. Thanks very much

  5. I get uplifted by every devotion I get from rhapsodies of reality

  6. Pst Allen Uche Durueke

    Glorious things are spoken of those in zion…thank you Pastor Sir

  7. This is sundar Pathuri Recently this month 4th I got sickness. My illness name is Colitis this I’ll is related with stomach pain and lever infection. So I admitted at government hospital for my treatment this month 9th and I discharged by 13th. After discharge also my stomach pain is there little bit. But continuing with medicines. So I decided to go prayer worship at Christ embassy in Mumbai India. So my first visit was 14th of this month. And I decided to not to take medicines. I stopped medical treatment. I believe in Jesus Christ he is my healer and he is my doctor. Yesterday I was there in church prayers I asked to pastor Isaac Abraham so he prayed me so pain is so less. After comming home no pain. And some times rarely pain is coming. But I don’t want to take medicines. Because my faith is in Jesus Christ. So its my humble prayer request for my complete healings. Please keep in your prayers for my healings. Thank you so much. But I will never leave church prayers. I will attend regularly. And I want to take baptism and I want to live holy life. And I want to follow Jesus commands. I want to surrender my life to Jesus Christ. Plz keep in your prayers for me and my twin brother. My twin brother also want to follow Jesus commands and he is also surrender life to Jesus Christ. And he is also ready for baptism. And my twin brother name is Hari Rajesh Pathuri. And he is jobless plz pray for my twin brother also. Thank you so much.

    • affirmationtrainorg

      Look not at the pain, give more attention to the Word… He who has started a great and perfect work in you is much more than able to perfect it. Here is what you will do… Get to church to share the testimony of what had happened… thereafter, the pastor will speak forth Words… whatever he says… hold unto the word and watch it produce more results in your life and that of your family. Our words are not ordinary but there are Spirit and they are life. God bless you!

      • Thank you for encouraging me sir. But please keep in your prayers for my healings. But I don’t want to take medicines and I don’t want to visit doctors. I believe in word of God and my faith is in Jesus Christ. Jesus is my doctor healer my dady my friend Jesus is everything in my life. I love Jesus Christ lot.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful message am so blessed!! Hallelujah glory!!

  9. YES!!!!!!!!!

  10. I received Amen glory to God Hallelujah

  11. Glory to God. I am so blessed

  12. Ebenezer Mensa-Livingston

    Please when is the evening session of the global prayer starting?

  13. # praying now

  14. Hallelujah, I ‘m glad to a part of program. Thank you Pastor Sir, I appreciate.

  15. # Praying now ITALY

  16. i’m blessed with all blessings,thank you pastor sir for your teachings.i love you

  17. # prayer now Dakar Senegal

  18. #prayingnow, Democratic Republic of Congo

  19. Amen

  20. #prayingnow #southafrica

  21. Yes praying now

  22. #Amen
    # ITALY

  23. # prayer now, Dakar Senegal

  24. Obawaeki Jude Isibor


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