Sunday , March 24 2019


I want to pray for you now; are you ready? I believe God’s Spirit is God’s answer. No matter what you are asking God for, no matter what it is you need or desire of Him, His Spirit will touch you now and grant your heart’s desire and meet you at the point of your need.

Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I pray for everyone who is under the influence of this programme right now, I pray that you touch their sick bodies and make them well. I command sickness to depart from them in Jesus’ Name; I pray that they are healed from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. Yes, be healed in Jesus’ Name; be healed in your body, be healed in your bones, be cleansed in your blood in the Name of Jesus! Yes, be healed; be made every whit whole. I pray for your financial need [yes], receive a miracle – receive that which you’ve asked God for right now in Jesus’ mighty Name. I pray that you will come out of debt…that your needs be supplied by the power of the Spirit of God, in Jesus’ mighty name. Yes, be healed…yes be touched. Be cleansed [yes], be made whole in Jesus’ name.


Someone with a problem at the back of the neck has just been healed; the Spirit of God just touched you. You had a terrible pain that has been there for a while and you’ve just felt something snap and you’re free. I break the power of the devil over your body in Jesus’ mighty name. Someone has just been healed; you had problems with your eyes somewhere just above your eyebrows you had a problem, and you’ve just been healed. You’ve just been healed. Migraine headaches have been healed, thank you, Lord Jesus! There is a bone dislocation, someone with the bone dislocation – a lady with a bone dislocation has just been healed. Yes, you are healed in Jesus’ mighty name. I see someone else with a dislocation also, it’s a problem with the knee, and you’ve just been healed. A young man with a problem in the knee has just been healed. The power of the Spirit of God just surged through your being and healed you. Yes, you are free in the Name of Jesus. The back pain has just been healed; the Spirit of God just touched you. Yes, receive healing right now. The Word of God has gone out for your healing, thank you, Lord. What a miracle! 🎁 http://bit.ly/2dZqtLQ

Thank you, Lord, …thank God for touching you, thank God for healing you, thank Him for making you whole, thank Him for the miracle. You are healed! Praise God! Let us know what the Lord has done for you; send us an email, send your testimonies in, so glad to hear from you. I will see you again next week. God bless you.


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  1. Thank you Lord. Amen.

  2. Thank you Jesus my past is over,I’m deliverd from the King Dom of darkness and brought into the kingdom of God dear son

  3. Thank you Lord. Praise your holy name, I believe I am healed.Amen!

  4. Thank you Lord for your perfect healing power over my family. Be glorified for ever and ever, my King. Hallelujah!👑💯😇💝

  5. Lord Jesus, I bless your holy name. I thank you for your grace, healing and provisions. You are indeed an awesome God. Lord according to thy servant be it unto me. Perfect that which you have started in my life, and make you presence known in all my life endeavors. Take all glory now and for ever more. Amen

  6. Moeletsi Sekharume

    Amen thank you man of god

  7. Thank you Lord Jesus for i’m healed.

  8. Baldwin Sichilyango

    Amen sir . so much I am so much blessed sir through this ministry.Amensir

  9. Thank you Jesus For ALL you have done in my life. My life will never be the same. Thank you for your healing, blessings,Love, Forgiveness.Thank you for making me a new creation, i am aet far above the world and its rules.I am set you in LORD Jesus. Thank you for everyday Jesus. Thank you for you word WOW you have saved me from Darkness and brought me into light. I am growing untill the day you are coming. I love u Jesus.Thank you Jesus that i can also change lifes like you changed mine…Thank you for your grace!!

  10. Thanks Lord Jesus for healing and for your restoration everything that devil has stolen from me my life will never be same again thank you Holy Spirit you had cleans my body,my blood and my heart.

  11. Patience Edahdike

    Thank you Holy Spirit of God in Jesus mighty Name Amen

  12. Praise praise praise the name of the Lord Jesus.just got healed from the severe back pains I have been experiencing as a result of accident I was involved a week ago.for a while I have been having difficulty in kneeling down, doing house activities but to my amazement I can now do those things perfectly without pains.am really in short of words.my God is a good God.all these happen as I joined pastor in prayers

  13. Amen hallelujah

  14. Thank you Holy Spirit in Jesus name

  15. Praise God for the healing miracles!!

  16. Thanks for getting me here…

  17. Moeletsi Sekharume

    I Testify that I am free of debt and I am financially stable and I’ve got more than enough. I am a success because I am a seed of Abraham. Amen

  18. Moeletsi Sekharume

    I testify that I am healed in every fiber of my being, I Testify that I am an answer to millions of people, people are blessed through me. and when the sick folks come in contact with me the healing power of god goes through me to heal them in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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