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Samuel from CANADA asks:

Hello Pastor,
I’ve been nourished by the teachings of the Holy Spirit through you and I thank God for directing me to you. Before I became rededicated, I got involved with my fiancée and we have 2 kids. We moved in together and we are still living together. Now, I am born again and need counsel. She just got born again but is at the lowest possible level of faith in the things of God and isn’t interested in growing. Pastor, what should I do? Move out until we get married (if we ever do) or cohabit with her which is against the Word. I need a sure assurance of what to do.

Very interesting indeed! Now he’s got 2 kids and he’s thinking about moving out. You aren’t moving, because, what are you going to do with those kids? Throw them out?

Like you said, she’s born again but is at the lowest level of faith. Well, I’m not sure what that lowest level is but, what you have to do is to encourage her. Go to the pastor- take her with you to the pastor. If she doesn’t agree to go with you, keep praying for her and I believe she will want to go with you. Go to the pastor and introduce yourselves to the pastor and from there, he would help you out with a proper marriage so that you can continue properly together.

I know that perhaps, the behaviors not so good so now, you’re thinking of bailing out. But I’m not so sure it is wise for you to bail out with these 2 kids and leave them floating. I don’t think it would be fair, and so far, she has not said she doesn’t want to be a Christian because that can be a different ball game.

The Bible says if the unbeliever decides to go, let him go. If you’re going to let ‘him’ go you might as well let ‘her’ go too but that is in a situation that the fellow doesn’t want to be a Christian. But I don’t want you to make a personal judgment of this and that’s why I want you to take it to the pastor and the pastor can actually assess the situation far better than you can and help in encouraging her to walk the walk of faith in Christ. So, that would help you!

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