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My name is Evangelist Dr Eddy Owase… I was born into a non-Christian polygamous family that believed in the worship of ancestral spirits and vis-à-vis superstitious beliefs. As a growing child, I was most blessed to have a very close elder sister, Late Mrs Elizabeth Ogba nee Owase, who despite our family background, received salvation and was very committed to the Lord. My closeness to her brought me to be involved in church at an early age.

We were also blessed with a Word-believing Bible practicing church which set the stage for my salvation. As a little child, I was involved in the Sunday school-Children’s church. Of note was my encounter with Mrs Knight, a European missionary who made an impressionable mark in my understanding of scriptures through her teaching methods like the use of flannel graph-pictorial.

The resultant effect of this was, amongst others, being able to recite scriptures and dramatize Bible stories. At the age of eight, I could recite Psalm 23, John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23 etc. These developments kept me attuned with God’s destiny for my life. At age twelve, I had an experience which was epochal and marked the watershed of my salvation.

It was the year I received the Holy Spirit. The actual date of my being born again is unknown to me because of the antecedents of my spiritual development. What is most evident and memorable to me is when I received the Holy Spirit. It was a Monday night after a revival service in the local church.

There was an outpouring of the Spirit and many received but I did not! I was bemused especially when I saw two fellows I thought were not righteous enough receive the Holy Spirit. I went home after service, locked myself in and began to pray.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit came on me and I was filled. It was the same day I got baptized by immersion. This experience gave me an assurance of my salvation and set me on a new course with the Lord. At the age of seventeen, in my Class four, in Secondary school, I became the Prayer secretary of my school fellowship.


The crown of it was in Class five when I became the president of the fellowship. However, I could only function within the confines of the revelation available to me which was grossly limited, to say the least. Walking in the light of my salvation, knowing who I am in Christ and understanding my fellowship with the Holy Spirit was made possible only in 1984 when I met with my Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This was my first year and my first fellowship meeting in the University.

It was divinely arranged that he had to minister on that fateful day. My experience in that meeting and the subsequent involvement in his ministry revolutionized my life. This actually marked a new life-the real life living…

Wow, today is Evangelist birthday! Join us as we celebrate a man of the Spirit, A man of excellence, A man whose life is full of results; A man who has taken the atmosphere of miracles into the homes of millions around the world💥👏 You can leave your birthday greetings and prayers in the comment section. God bless you.




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  1. Happy birthday evang. Eddie Owase sir.
    Productivity is what you have always exhibited.
    I bless the lord for your life and commitment.
    I love u much sir

  2. Pastor Chinyelu

    Happy birthday Evang Sir, thank you for teaching the word of God through your character and life style. I love you Sir

  3. Joe Noutoua Wandah /Liberia

    Happy happiest birthday our dearest father in the Lord!

  4. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. The joy of the Lord is your strength

  5. Noel Zigowa/ Malawi South

    Happy birthday Evangelist Dr Eddie Owase….you’re an inspiration to many, the way you handle the atmosphere of miracles is just amazing. You’re in your month of productivity and all things around you are productive in Jesus Name

  6. Happy Birthday Pastor Edfie Owase, i am inspired by your story. May God Bless you richly in Jesus Name

  7. Happy blessed Birthdays Pastor. May you continue to excel in Christ. Thank you for sharing your experiences in the Christian journey.

  8. Happy birthday sir. We love you dearly

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