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The challenge some Christians face when they are confronted with trying situations is knowing what to say. Even when they know what the Bible has said concerning their peculiar situation, they seem to be overwhelmed because they’re not focusing on the Word.

Therefore, rather than voice their faith they voice their situations. For example, there’re folks who would say, “I’ve been sick since last week” or “I’ve been so broke for three weeks.” Then, there’re others who have graduated from this first level and would rather say, “I’ve been feeling sick since last week” or “I’ve not had money for a long time.” The problem with these two classes of people is pretty much the same: they’ve taken upon themselves the responsibility of saying what they’re experiencing, instead of speaking the Word of God.

God never said you should describe your experiences, or narrate how you feel. He already said in His Word that the  things you perceive with your senses are temporal; that means they’re subject to change (2 Corinthians 4:18). So you don’t have to talk about them; instead, you effect a change by declaring what the Word says concerning you in the midst of that trouble. You might be feeling symptoms of sickness in your body, but don’t voice the symptoms; declare your health. Say, “I’ve got the life of God in me; it pulsates my entire being, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet!” -GET VIDEOS-

Your bank account may be in red or even minus; that doesn’t make you broke or poor. Rather than talk lack, declare that all things are yours! Declare that you’re Abraham’s seed, therefore abundant wealth is your present-hour possession. The Holy Spirit has come to live in you, to teach you the language of the Kingdom and give you the right words to speak. Refuse to voice your feelings; speak the Word, and only that which is consistent with your nature in Christ.

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  1. hallelujah praised be to my God ,I’m a seed of Abraham and so I’m rich because Christ lives in me..glory be to God.

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