Friday , September 21 2018


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Evening:  5:00pm to 8:00pm GMT+1
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  1. My declaration is God shld make me a boss of my own and give me enough to save so many others

  2. I declare that am a seed of Abranam!
    Am born a winner because am born of God!
    The challenges have been crushed!
    Glory to God!!

  3. Keatlaretse Mosalaesi

    I stand strong in faith, unshaken and unmovable because Christ is my solid rock on which I stand. I live a life of victory , excellence , dominion and power, o-reign and excel everyday. I prevail over circumstances unborn to win and the lord is leading me on a victory parade. In him I have super natural health, finances and business, I am a tree planted by the water I am Abraham’s seed.

    sis Keatlaretse Mosalaesi.
    Main Botswana

  4. I declare that the fruit of my womb are going to wins souls for Christ. Through them, nations will exalt Jesus. I am a massive soul winner for Christ. I am a star. I declare, am being lifted high. That which uses 10yearsto achieve, I will achieve them this year. I declare Prosperity, Success, blessings, health,Favour in my life.

  5. sis Jolomi Ghereje

    I declare that I’m the seed of Abraham and his blessings rest on me and my household, therefore we seize from struggling financially and in health. We are supernaturally supplied because Christ has been made our wisdom, therefore we are ontop always. Halleluyah

  6. I declare that the word of God will continue to bear fruit in me a thousand folf

  7. I declare that all things fall for me in pleasant places and I reign in life. That the grace of God is abandant to everyone in my country that they accept this word with meekness and gladness. I declare success in my studies and my Job abroad. My family members should believe this truth and run with the vision of our Man of God (Pastor Chris). I declare money to every Christian so that we support the gospel of Christ to the ends of the world.

  8. I declare that I please God and I won’t Die.

  9. I declare that I am an all time big partner with the work of ministry.
    I declare that I set a new record of soul winning this year.
    I declare that the wisdom of the Lord supercedes anything in my life.
    I declare that every day of my life is for supernatural experience and expose in Jesus name

  10. Mrs Christina .A.Abankwa


  11. I declare prosperity in the Nation

  12. I declare that everyone out of me is a leader.Am the best giver,most resourceful bountiful wealth creating minister. I am 90%sponser of the kingdom of God and crusades.I never fail I saw on eagles wings,. I have the best report to Jesus boss.I faint not

  13. I declare Jesus is the Lordship of my life and I am prepared to go in the direction he leads me knowingly that his Promises are sure and like a jigsaw puzzle every area of my life would be well put together.I stagger not with unbelief in Jesus name.

  14. Isaac omotayo folarin

    I am rightly positioned in God’s place of opportunity for me. Wisdom guides me and moves me from within to take the right steps that are consistent with God’s purpose and calling for my life. I will never lose my way! I am set on the path of success, glory, victory and divine destiny! I am walking in preordained pathways, for predestination is at work in me! The course of events in my life has been structured by God to bring Him glory, having established me to fulfil my destiny of Him! Glory to God. Hallelujah!

  15. my declaration.I declare God’s blessings upon my family, my world and loveonce.I declare supernatural health upon them in the spirit, soul and body.I declare God’s favor upon them, I declare Job done to me, riches done to my family, And I declare God’s mighty hand upon I, my family and my Loveonce.In JESUS Name by power of the Holy Spirit..Amen

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