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QUESTION – Alexander (Ireland): Hello Pastor Chris, I thank God for your ministry (Pastor Chris replies: “thank you”), it’s a blessing. My question is this: what does the bible say about suicide? Is suicide a sin? Thank you.

ANSWER: Yes it is. And, it’s important for me to explain some thoughts to you. What’s the cause of suicide? The main cause of it is SELFISHNESS, SELF-CENTEREDNESS; that’s the cause – SELF-LOVE. Someone is probably frustrated with the society or frustrated about something or is in self-defeat and he thinks, “Well, I’ll take my life.” No one takes his life [commits suicide] joyfully; no one says, “I’m so happy, I want to kill myself.” Often, it is because of some depression, of some feeling of rejection, something negative that you feel – that you think. And so, someone might decide to take his own life because of that; but, is it okay? No, it’s not okay!

what does the bible say about suicide

There’s a reason for that. I’ll read to you from Romans chapter 14, from verse 7, “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. [Romans 14:7-8]” Simple! So, you live, not for yourself, but for the Lord and if you decide to die, you can’t kill yourself because your life is not yours. The bible says, “we are bought with a price” [1 Corinthians 6:20]; we belong to Christ. He says, “None of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself” – that’s the 7th verse. No man liveth to himself.

So, if you don’t live to yourself, there’ll be no reason to give up on life. So, you can’t be that self-centered. You’ve got to think about what the Lord thinks, what’s on His mind, what’s His purpose for your life; have you fulfilled your reason for living? Why are you alive in the first place? Why were you born? Have you found out your purpose for life? You cannot take your life until you’ve fulfilled that purpose. And when you fulfill that purpose, it’s up to the Lord to say, “This is how this man ends up”. So, taking your life means that you’ve chosen to live to yourself; you’ve decided how long you want to live and you’ve decided when you’re going to die and how you’re going to die. That means you’re dying to yourself, and this is all just wrong for a Christian. A Christian cannot take his own life, so SUICIDE is a SIN.




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  1. I have just read what was said about suicide and feel sad at the reply as I can only assume Pastor Chris has never been in the situation where for years he’s been ill and in pain, and despite standing on the Word of God, nothing has happened. This is my situation. I have often thought about taking my own life but pulled back as somehow the hope for the manifestation of my healing has always been there although still not materialised. As for it being a sin. To all those people out there who are suffering. Remember the Lord said whoever believes in Him is not condemned. Suicide may well be a sin, but we all sin but our Lord’s blood covers us. Keep your focus on Jesus and He will deliver you It is written: When we are faithless, He is faithful for He cannot deny Himself.When your faith fails look to Him and try to rest in the words I’ve just quoted. I have oten thought following the Lord is only for the strong spiritual athletes. Us weak ones are cast aside. Everything you have described requires huge effort and willpower. I know the Lord gives us strenght but my experience is often to the contrary. I seem to have been forgotten. Nevertheless, it is thanks to the Lord I’m still here. He is still my Saviour snd I love Him and I know He loves me.

  2. (singing) I count on the faithfulness of God!!! I am counting on the faithfulness of God!!!God is faithful in the morning his faithful in the noon,he is faithful in the evening God is faithful all the time!!!Glory!!!
    that is my God!!!Job said even though he slay me!!!! I will yet wait on the Lord until my change comes!!!

    (Singing)God never fails!!!! I know my God never fails no way!!!he abides with me gives me victory for God never fails!!! just keep your faith and never seize to pray!! Just work upright morning noon day and night!!! he’ll be there!!! he’ll be there there’s no need to worry for God never fails!!! GLORY!!!!

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