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TITLE: A PROPHET? HE MUST BE JOKING! https://wp.me/p9v28c-1X0

A Prophet? He Must be joking! The question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one every young person is asked one time or the other. I did have my fair share of questioning from Sunday school teachers, Uncles, Aunties and of course teachers at school and my answers varied from playing professional football to being an astronaut.

By the time I was in high school I was pretty familiar with the drill, so when our new biology teacher walked in and started asking the question “What would you want to be when you grow up?” I thought to myself ” here we go again” another round of “funny” answers; you know every young chap of my generation in Nigeria wanted to either be a lawyer, doctor or banker. I remember my answer that day, yeah you guessed right, I wanted to be a doctor (just to satisfy my Mom) but the funniest answer came last and it was wasn’t from any of the students.

a prophet? He must be joking

It was my teachers’ answer to his own question that sent everyone to a hysterical laughing session. He said He wanted to be the greatest Prophet the world has ever known! Weird! I thought to myself “He must be Joking!” for one, he didn’t look like a prophet or at least he didn’t look the way I thought a prophet should look: he was wasn’t wearing dreadlocks, no white garment nor was he barefoot and from where I was seating, I didn’t see any bell! He sure must be joking! Now when we were done laughing he smiled and repeated his answer again and this time we weren’t too sure how to respond.

He saved us the trouble by continuing with his class. But I kept looking and wondering to myself, “A Prophet? He must be joking!” then I wondered what if? And immediately I dismissed the thought, this teacher was cool! In fact, he was the “coolest” teacher in school, he had a nice hair cut, he was handsome and dressed really nice! I liked him, I found myself thinking “I want to be like him” He got my attention.

I Didn’t See That Coming. Tuesday, May 19th, 1992 started like any other day for me, got to school by 7am in order to play some game of basket ball before school begins and by 11am I was in my Biology class with Mr Abbey, “my Prophet wanna be”. I loved his class because I liked him but I didn’t see what was coming.

You know when you like a teacher you want to participate in his class, you want to answer every question, you want him to know that you are following his class and you hope that this teacher takes note of you and even possibly likes you. So you imagine how eager I was when Mr Abbey stopped in the middle of his class to ask a question, I was seating right in front of the class and was ready to answer any question since I have listened to him teaching with rapt attention.

He turned facing the class and asked “How many of you are Born Again” Opss! I didn’t see that coming! This was the first term of my first year as a senior, and through my junior years up until that point in time, there was only one student who everyone in class knew was “Born again” and it wasn’t me! Interestingly, he wasn’t in class on that day and as I realized I didn’t have the answer to the question I turned to see if any hands were raised, none. I turned again and was caught up in some deep thoughts.

I have always had a religious background: went to church pretty much all the 16years I had been alive, read the bible, competed in several bible quiz competitions but here I was, posed with this mind boggling question and I couldn’t give a clear cut answer. I caught myself from my thoughts and listened again as this teacher of Biology kept sharing the gospel, can’t remember everything he said but I sure can remember the passion with which he spoke, he spoke of Jesus like a friend, he knew him, I wanted to know him like he did.

Something “strange” was happening to me. I cried. Bliss! Divine Encounters I received the gift of eternal life that day in that little class room and what a journey of divine encounters it has been! I received the Holy Spirit three days later and was immediately plunged into ministry, I wanted to tell everyone about this friend of mine.

I met with my best friend at the time after school that day and I told him how I had received Christ and he also received the gift of Salvation! My younger brother was next and then my eldest sister. Jesus was real to me, God’s presence became tangible and what joy filled my soul.

I came to a place I never knew existed, I became a new creature. I remember growing up a very shy and timid boy but after I received the Holy Spirit, I received boldness to speak, I discovered I could be anything and do anything, I came to a place of liberty in Christ Jesus, and soon others began to take notice: my mom will look at me strangely, sometimes wondering what had gone “Wrong” with me.

Some thought it was a fluke and I would soon come to my “senses”. My friends gave me two weeks, hahaha, it’s been twenty-five years and it keeps getting sweeter as the day goes by! I am my Father’s Son Bro Abbey as we fondly called him took time to share the word with several of us who had gotten Born again in that class, he later told us that he got born again in a fellowship called “Believers’ LoveWorld” while he was a student at the Edo State University (now Ambrose Ali University) and what Joy filled my heart when my elder sister came back from the university with the exciting news that she had found a fellowship like no other: Believers’ LoveWorld! And when I got to the university (Abia State University) I found my home, I came in contact with the ministry of the Man of God Pastor Chris through my Pastor, Pastor Cynthia Emmanuels.

Pastor Cynthia gave me tones of materials: newsletters and tapes of the man of God Pastor Chris and this are how my true education for ministry began; through the prophetic and inspirational teaching of the man of God Pastor I have been nurtured and raised to be a son in the house. It’s been my pleasure to help other young men and women discover their God given abilities through the campus ministry of the Believers’ LoveWorld nation.

Beautiful May! It’s the early hours of May 19th, 2012 and as I reminisce on the past 25 years I can’t help but appreciate God’s grace and mercy upon me. Knowing the Lord Jesus has made all the difference in my life! He has graciously filled my life with the very best things.

Wow, Today is Pastor Amaechi Adeaku’s birthday. Join us as we celebrate this man of God who is turning many to righteousness through the campus ministry. You can leave your greetings and prayers in the comment section. God bless you.




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