Saturday , November 17 2018


I affirm that my mind is renewed and reprogrammed for the supernatural and transcendent life of glory. I am complete in Christ, and every facet of my life is perfected for excellence. All through the year, I am guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit to take actions that will guarantee evident, and unstoppable progress, increase and blessings for me. I am special and unique! I am the only one of me that God has, and I’ve made the choice to be the best for Him. There’s no failure with me, because I am His product, and His product doesn’t fail because He doesn’t fail. I prosper in all things and bring Him pleasure in all that I do. Hallelujah! I am the first and the best of God’s creation. I am a new creation, a brand new species of being; old things are passed away and all things have become new! My life is like a well-watered garden. I am fruitful and productive; making progress in every area of my life. Glory to God!


This is something to shout about. Keep saying it, don’t stop talking it. Remember, your mouth is the edge of a weapon. Refuse to be quiet 🤐

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God bless you.


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  1. Kiereama Lauretha

    I have been really bless by all the wonderful messages and prayers, Tnks all so much

    • affirmationtrainorg

      God will continue to do more in your life as you stay connected to His Word. Thank you so much for talking out time to write us. Please remember to subscribe so that the messages will be coming directly to your mail. Thank you!

    • affirmationtrainorg

      Glory to God! More shall happen in your life as you keep meditating and affirming the Word. God bless you!

      • Baunelah Muchimba

        This is the most beautiful life I have ever lived, a life of affirmation. Thank you so much for the Word I receive everyday to guide me through my life. my life is from glory to glory, upward and forward only.

  2. Ever since I started saying and following the affirmation train group my life has moving from glory to glory am so greatful to God and to every one that helps to make this platform available to us. Thank u so much.

    • affirmationtrainorg

      The result of the Word will be evident in your life and in all that concerns you. God bless you for keeping in touch with us.

  3. There re wonderful videos that I use to watch here b4 but I change phone and I don’t know how to get there again if u can help me I will really appreciate. God bless u all.

    • affirmationtrainorg

      We are still working on bringing all the videos back to the site. Please give us some time to get that fix. God bless you.

  4. This messages are the highlight of my morning prayer sessions. I thank you for this affirmations. My life and spiritual life are witnessing abundant group. You are blessed.

  5. Am plus one (+1)

    1. Supernatural Supply
    2. Supernatural Strength
    3. Supernatural Ability
    4. Supernatural Insight
    5. Supernatural Wisdom
    6. Supernatural Knowledge
    7. Supernatural Health
    8. Supernatural Wealth
    9. Supernatural Wife
    0. Supernatural Kids
    Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural everything I pray in JESUS NAME AMEN

    • affirmationtrainorg

      From all of us we say happy birthday to you! You will sure increase in every area of your life. It’s your year of the supernatural.

  6. I am the only me that God created and I will live the best life for Him. I’m unique and a success prospering in all I do. God be praised

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