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If Jesus were in this room tonight and you are gathered like this and He came here like He did in Nazareth or Jerusalem… What will He say to you?
Would you like to know what He would say to you?

Remember the bible tell us of prophets who preached the word of God, apostles and many saints of Christ who preached the word or Christ and today the word is still being preached by many preachers, saints of God.. Among those preachers the bible talked about, one of them was Jesus. Jesus had words that were different.

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Paul, Peter and others would say to you exactly what is in their writings, they wouldn’t say anything more than what they have said in their writing because their ministry were sealed with those writings, they can’t add to it. So everything they will have say to you will only come out from what they have already said…. But it’s different with Jesus.

The difference with Jesus is His death didn’t end it, He arose and continued His ministry, and ascended and continued His ministry. He will say to you even new things except that they will be consistent with what He already said.

He sent the Holy Spirit to continue His ministry among us. The Holy Spirit takes on the ministry of Jesus and delivers it to us. He will teach us all things and whatever He hears , He will speak to us. The Holy Spirit continues this amazing ministry of Jesus in us, to us, among us and through us today.

Here is what Jesus will say to you if He was here now and the beautiful thing is it came from His Word. Luke 22:29 NIV And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me,

Jesus was rounding up his earthly ministry at this point as his crucifixion would happen short after this. Luke 22:28, Hebrews 12:28 KJV, The KJV gives an idea of something of the future but the CJB puts it in the right sense of the affirmative.

We received a kingdom which means in this day and hour of our life we are operating a kingdom, but not many know, but this is the message Rhapsody of realities seems to communicate. We have a kingdom to operate now, we live in the kingdom right now, we exercise the authority, power, dominion and influence of that kingdom right now, and that kingdom has an extraordinary heritage but so there are so many who live without knowing this. But if you study Rhapsody of realities, that’s what it seeks to tell you, that why you’re in this world, you actually belong in another operational world, a world that is on right now and is functional right now.

So you’re living in two worlds right now, you belong to one but you don’t belong to the other. You have to know the life of that to that which you belong and superimpose it on the lesser one. You are sent to be a witness of this greater kingdom to this lesser world, you’re the voice and expression of this kingdom to this other world. You’re the messenger of the kingdom to this other world, to let them know of the reality of your kingdom and to get them to be a part of this kingdom and you’re the one with the keys to bring them in.

What a honour that we were raised, authorized and commissioned to do this, to make this happen for them.

He has given us a message of life that is true and proveable, it is the message that He sent us with and we are making an extraordinary impact in the world everywhere. He gave us the Holy Spirit, how can we fail? We don’t fail and we don’t flop. He doesn’t sponsor flops, we succeed.

Romans 5:17 NIV
The only time you reign through Jesus Christ is the church age, that means from the resurrection all the way to the rapture of the church.

After the church age, you reign with Jesus Christ. If you’re going to reign, you better do it now because this is the one you’re going to give account of, how you reigned, how you used His name effectively, what you did with His kingdom, did His kingdom win through you in your world, how successful was His kingdom in your world, how successful was Jesus through you?

Salvation is you in Christ
2 Corinthians 5:17

Christianity is Christ in you. Colossians 1:27. Christ manifested and alive in you everyday.

I am full of the life of God, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Every fibre of my being, every bone of my body, every cell of my blood, fill of the life of God. I am the embodiment of the glory of God, my life is full of glory. Everywhere I go, I carry the glory of God. I am a constant and continual manifestation of the glory of God. I am a Christ in you person, He is in me, He is at work in me, His glory oozes out of me.

I can’t understand lack because lack is of the other world, it doesn’t work in our kingdom. Money comes when I require it and it comes always in abundance, always more than I require.

Stay in the Word, He gave us His word to give us a culture, a way of thinking. Christianity isn’t a way of life but Christianity has a way of life, Christians the life of Christ at work on you. it’s the way of Faith, Love and Hope



I see that you’re going to be so prosperous because prosperity is at work in you; you’ll walk in divine health continually by the power of the Spirit of God. You can only get greater in your life

From this moment you’re standing here, you are at the least level you’ll ever be. From this moment, you’re moving greater than ever. The Favour in your life has Increased, you are entering a season of extraordinary favour in your life; God is giving you preferential treatment.


Lord, I thank you, I have entered in this very moment, I have entered a season of Divine Favour, far more that I ever experienced in my life, favour every day and everywhere. Glory, Hallelujah!!!

You’re going to see what God will do. Hallelujah.

Multiply your reach with Rhapsody. Spread the Word of God with Rhapsody, the more of it we have out the more potential. Give your resources Value and Direction, it’s important. When you are putting your resources into the kingdom of God, you’re actually giving value to your resources, that’s where real value is. Outside the kingdom of God, money is nothing and there is nobody that doesn’t have money… Because everything is money, everything has value

Money is what you agreed to give standard to anything of value.
Once you understand that, you’d understand that God has given you wisdom to control money.

The reason why those who are called rich have power over those who are called poor is because of their understanding of the mystery of money.

Whatever we have agreed to use as the standard for quantifying value is money which means what we called money wasn’t the real money but the thing we used in measuring the real money. Once that is understood, suddenly you realized how rich you have been, suddenly you start seeing value in everything God gives you and suddenly everything that God gives you has power and then you discover you can do anything, you can have anything.

See from God’s perspective, see life that way. Understand from His understanding.

You’re rich and you can do anything. Hallelujah





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