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I was brought up in a fairly religious home, where going to church was not negotiable every Sunday, but l had no personal knowledge of God; l was even a member of the choir. As a young boy l would write to ministries abroad and they would send me tracts, books, etc which l would distribute, yet l wasn’t born again!.

By the time l was leaving high school, whatever was left of this religiosity in me was virtually gone as l had joined the wrong crowd and l was into several vices. After l finished high school l was home for a long time waiting for JAMB to be favorably disposed to me.

During this period a group of friends met me and requested l join to the latest “happening place” in town, a church that had recently started with plenty of young people; of course our motive was not to hear the message or preaching. On that fateful day, l heard the word of God preached like l have never heard it in my life; it was like every single word was piercing my heart.

This was my very first encounter with Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, my pastor father life coach and mentor. There was so much joy in the air, l have never seen people happy like this in church!, it was Christ Embassy Ikeja.

I decided l was going to come back again. On my third meeting there, l finally gave my life to Christ, and while praying at home that night l received the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

Subsequently l was followed-up by Pst Siji Dara and Pst Tom Obiazi. Its been 24years now since that glorious day, the day everything changed!

My life has never been the same again and l am living the life God preordained for me. What a Life!!!.

Wow! Friends, join us as we celebrate our lovely Pastor Niyi Oluwole Isaac today. You can leave your birthday greetings and prayers in the comment section. God bless you all.


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