Tuesday , June 18 2024


Dear Father, I thank you for the power of prevailing prayers over those whom you’ve given me a responsibility to reach with the Gospel. I am stirred today with renewed commitment, vigour, and passion. I declare that the light of your glorious Gospel shines in their hearts, dispelling darkness, in the Name of Jesus!

Lord, I thank you for your power and ability vested in me to effect tremendous changes and to establish your divine will on earth. Through earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer, coupled with your Word, situations are changed in favour of your children, and their victories are assured, in the Name of Jesus. Hallelujah!

Precious Father, I pray for increased revelation and understanding of your Word amongst your children all around the world! I declare that the Church abounds more and more in knowledge, and growing stronger by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the work of the Holy Ghost in the churches, all around the world, in the Name Jesus!

I pray for the nations, the leaders, and its people; I pray that your righteous course will prevail in the nations of the world. Lord, I thank you for your divine power and wisdom that’s released, even now, upon the leaders and political office holders for them to do your will, and for righteousness to be established in the land and in the hearts of men, in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Dear Father, I pray that through the preaching and proclamation of the Gospel, a mighty harvest of souls be recorded around the world. I break the power of the prince of the air, and terminate his hold over the lives of men and women around the world, as they hear the Gospel. I pray for increased activities of angels, to guide them to the truth, in Jesus’ Name. Thank you, Heavenly Father, thank you, Lord, it’s done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Somebody shout glory!!!!

Yes, it is done!

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  2. Amen.

  3. Glory to God ! Thank you Lord Jesus

  4. Glory to god .thank u pastor.amen

  5. haleluyah!! Glory to God

  6. pst godwin obinna


  7. Moeletsi Sekharume

    yes it is done in Jesus name amen

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