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There is something really beautiful in God’s word for Christmas. I want to talk to you on THE BIRTH OF A KINGDOM

You know, we think about the birth of Christ. But this birth was only a precursor to the manifestation of the kingdom of God. It’s the birth of a kingdom and this is extraordinary.

Matt 2:1-2 He was born “King of the Jews”. Think about it. Not “born to become a king”. He was born “KING”. The wise men came to worship the King of the Jews. It’s remarkable!

After Jesus 3 beautiful years of ministry, he was arrested and brought to Pilate.


John 18:33-38 Look at it again. He was born King of the Jews. The wise men said so at his birth; now as a grown adult, Pilate says the same thing to him. Look at Jesus’ response. Pilate had been listening to lies all his life. He knew about the media of his day. He knew when Caesar sent out messages, etc. There was no truth. In Rome, truth was whatever the Roman government said it was.
Pilate said “What is truth”? Because he was truly confused. He wanted to let Jesus get out of there in a hurry. People who lie don’t want to see people telling the truth

Jesus was born King! That’s wonderful. This is very important. Where is Jesus today? Where is he gone? We are celebrating his birth but where is He? What is he doing at this very moment?

Luke 19:12-27 Jesus tells us an important story that’s loaded with meaning.

The first man given 1 pound, traded with it and got 10 pounds and was rewarded with 10 cities. Second man got 5 pounds and was rewarded with 5 cities. Not 5 houses. 5 houses would have been enough… But he was rewarded with Cities. Remember there were a group of citizens who didn’t want him to reign over them. He faced those ones too.

Interestingly after Jesus told them this story, in verse 28, he went to Jerusalem.

The man in the Parable went to a far country to RECEIVE a kingdom and to RETURN.
He called 2 groups. His servants and his citizens. He told his servants to occupy till he returned, then gave each of them a pound to trade with.

After He received the kingdom, he came back. Those citizens who didn’t want him to reign over them, were aware that he went to receive Kingly authority. Even while they grumbled, he received the authority. That’s why he was able to give his servants 5 or 10 cities. Those were cities owned by those citizens who didn’t want him to reign over them.

According to the bible, Jesus, when he left here (remember he left twice)… Did Jesus get the Kingdom? Yes, he did. If he did, what’s the implication of that? What might it mean? After Jesus resurrected, He was in the garden that was the place where he was buried. Mary and the other woman had come to complete the embalming of his body and found that his body was not there. They hurried off to tell the disciples that his body had been stolen. A little after then, they were still wandering around the garden area and Mary saw a man who she thought was the gardener. She asked him “do you know where his body is?”. Then Jesus called her name and she recognized his voice and ran toward Jesus. The Master said “don’t touch me, because I’ve not yet ascended to my Father”. According to the bible, he had become the Lord high priest. He was to take his blood to the presence of God in Heaven.



Later on that day, he appeared to his disciples and showed them the print of the nails and hole on his side where he was pierced. No one touched him them too.

8 days later, he came again, with Thomas present, who did not previously believe. Jesus called Thomas to come and put his finger into his hands and his side. When Thomas did, he fell on his knees and this time, didn’t call him “Master”, he said “My Lord and my God”. Jesus said “now you believe….” This was another place where Jesus claimed to be God.

In the time between when Jesus saw Mary and when Thomas touched Him, He must have ascended to the Father. Psalm 24:7-10 The “everlasting doors” are not the doors into Jerusalem or the doors into Hell. The scripture also doesn’t say “and the king of glory shall come out”. These doors are the gates going to Heaven. V8: Jesus had just defeated them in Hell. He is the Lord mighty in Battle. He is the Lord of Hosts! The King of Glory!

Jesus at that time, went to heaven and there, he received the kingdom. We find that when he shows himself again to his disciples, he says some very interesting things.

Matt.28.18 – And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

He has received the Kingdom. His blood had been accepted. He had offered the sacrifice for sin forever. All authority was given to him.

Some say “if Jesus were God, why would the authority be given to him”? Because he had become man. He became US on the cross. You were in him on that cross. All of humanity was in him on that cross. He wasn’t doing it for himself. He received the kingdom to deliver it to us. All you have to do is to believe on who he is is. He got the kingdom. He was US In the presence of God. He appeared in the presence of God for us. He got the seat of authority at the right hand of the Father for us. Everything he did was for us. We have a place at the Father’s side.

Look at the language in Matt 28:18-19 He says “Go ye therefore”. On the Basis of this authority he has received, he send us. You are not going as yourself. You are going on the grounds of all the authority that has been given. Go ye therefore and teach all nations. He got the Kingdom!!!! We have a kingdom! Our kingdom is not of this world. It’s bigger than this world. If the guy who traded 1 pound for 5 pounds was given 5 cities, so what are the rest of us going to get? What are you going to get for winning souls?

I love our Heavenly Father’s reward system. It always blow the mind. Nothing is ever too good for you. He gives anyone with results even more. I must have results!!!!

Hallelujah! We have a kingdom!

Hebrews 12:28 CJB, MSG
We have received an Unshakable Kingdom. Let us have grace to serve with reverence and godly fear. Unshakable: Something that is not liable to overthrow or disorder. In this Kingdom, you can’t have disorder and it cannot be overthrown. There cannot be any chaos. It is unshakable and unmovable. This kingdom is real right now. No wonder he says “Of the increase 9f his government and peace, there shall be no end! This kingdom is operating and functional right now.

Ephesians 6:10
V12: We are not operating at the human mundane level. We are not trying to deal with human. We are functioning at the spiritual heavenly realm. We wrestle against principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness in heavenly realms.

Eph.2.10 – For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. (CJB


We have a life of good actions, already prepared by the Father. Just like Jesus “in the volume of the books it is written” I step into that which has been written concerning me

The most important thing for men to do is to discover their purpose and fulfil it. Your life was already written. Don’t live another man’s story. What was God’s plan for you. Don’t live in a city that you were not meant to be. Discover God’s plan and walk in it. He already prepared your life. Why struggle to live another life? He was born to bring your life into perfect harmony with the Father. To bring you into the perfect will of God. You may say “what if I don’t like it” It’s not about what you don’t like. If you love God, you will like what he does for you. Look at Jesus. Think about a man who was born to die. He was born for the purpose of death. The one way to give us life was to die for us. What is it like to be born with the knowledge of one thing. To die as a sacrifice for others.

What a life. What somberness. To live everyday with death. That’s the life Jesus lived. He knew he was born to die. He was given as a sacrifice. For God so lived the world, that he Gave HIm… Jesus was made an offering. If that’s true, what’s so bad about your life being made an offering for one who loved you so, and decided that nothing was too good for you… Including his life. Make up your mind to live for him. We operate the kingdom life now.

I cannot ignore that which our world is facing today. A great struggle between good and evil. When the forces of evil seem to destroy the nations of the world. Even now that we rejoice that we can celebrate Christmas, there are those sadists and psycophants who are only Interested in making a mockery of truth. India said they want to reinstate the Covid lockdowns because they claim there are many people being infected with the Covid virus. They can’t do it. The forces behind them have been liquidated. They reported that millions of people in one week got Infected in one week since china abolished it’s restrictions. They have always been double tongued. They’ve never spoken the truth. They loved it when china locked down. They didn’t like it that china lifted the restrictions.

Any attempt to relockdown… Every such attempt has failed already. Men are not to be restricted like that. Man is not born to live that way. To make him live that way, is to rob him of his dignity. It will only happen during the great tribulation and it is Satan that will order it. Those things are the manifestation of satanic hatred for man. There are people who hate freedom and liberty. They hate to see others happy, joyful and prosperous. That’s because demons are in them. Never let them convince you. God wants men free.

Dan.4.17 – This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

What a description!!!! I will discuss that on another forum.

Would you love to be described that way “the basest of men”?

The powers of heaven rule. We function from there. We belong in this heavenly system. He has given us the whole world. A kingdom has been born. Christianity is not about religious activities. God put us here for a reason; to exercise the powers of the Kingdom that he gave us. We are to use it to put this world in check and to order it. When Jesus came, he did it for Israel and Gave us the authority to carry it out everywhere.

Isaiah 9:6-7
Wherever this kingdom goes, we put things in order. We establish the kingdom of God in the heavenlies and in the nations. The demons don’t have rights in this world. We are the ones with rights. We have the power. We are in charge. We rule. We reign. So let Christmas remind you of the birth of a kingdom. Matt 2: 1-3. Herod, the king was troubled. Christmas is not just about a baby born in Bethlehem. It’s about the birth of a kingdom. Satan knows this. Jesus went from being the king of the Jews to the King of Heaven and Earth. That’s what Christmas means to me What a life he has given us!!! Thank God for this heavenly kingdom! We have a real kingdom!





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