Friday , June 22 2018


Your job is your opportunity to express the excellence God has deposited within you. There’s so much within you that the world can benefit from. That’s why you must be the best of you, and bless the world with the investment of your personality. Find a need, and reach out to meet it. – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.


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  1. #my declaration
    God has made me expand grow and increase a thousand times in every aspect of life now and onward,I see it and live in it,amen

  2. #mydeclaration
    I live and walk in aboundans
    All things is working for my good
    Christ is my sufficiency
    I walk financial liberty
    I am the joy of many generation

  3. my declaration
    my mother has received a child she desires for long in Jesus name
    She is financially great
    Her clinic knows no limit to customers
    in Jesus Name..AMEN
    l am a success
    Financially stable
    exceedingly strong doing wonders
    10 times intelligent than my teachers
    No limit to what my brain can do wonders
    20 points in my UACE examinations
    In Jesus mighty Name .Amen

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