Thursday , June 13 2024

Happy Birthday To Pastor Benny Hinn

Guess What, It’s Pastor Benny’s Birthday TodayπŸ’«β€οΈπŸ’₯πŸŽ‰

Some of His Quotes:
β€’ You limit the power of angels when you speak negative, complaining, unbelieving words instead of speaking what God has declared.

β€’ We must depend on His Word, pray the Word of God, and then watch what happens. The Word spoken through your lips releases angels.

Happy birthday to pastor Benny Hinn

β€’ When you read that familiar verse you come to the conclusion that the enemy comes in like a flood. But I’ve got news for you: the flood is the Holy Ghost, not the devil.

β€’ I love Nigerian jollof rice🀣🀩

As A Team, We Celebrate You Today. Friends, You Can Also Leave Your Greetings, Wishes, Prayers To Pastor Benny Hinn, On The Comment Section. God bless you all.



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  1. Dear Pastor Benny. Congratulations sir for your 67th Birthday. Am very grateful to be part of your celebrations here in Zimbabwe. Thank you for giving ne the right direction thru the word of Gid in Christ Jesus.

  2. Happy Birthday Pastor Benny Hinn. Being Steadfast and A great Army for Jesus Christ has been a great inspiration to us. We Dearly love you So much Pastor Sir

  3. Our dearest Pastor Benny Sir, Congratulations on your great day as you continue to enjoy every minute of it. God bless you Sir. Happy birthday!!!

  4. Our dearest Pastor Benny Sir. Congratulations on this greatest day of your life and thanks for letting us share on this great joy today. God continually bless you as you impart our lives with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir.

  5. Happy Birthday to our dearest Pastor Benny! Keep serving the Lord with a delightful heart and keep living for Him! I love you Pastor Sir

  6. Happy Birthday to you Pastor Benny! Thank you for your delight in the Lord and service to Him that has greatly impacted my life and that of millions round the world. May The good Lord grant you length of days to finish your course gloriously. Hope you got “Nigerian jollof rice” to celebrate this day!

  7. Olukunle Olumuyiwa

    Happy Birthday Pastor Benny Hinn! I am very happy with you, and for you and your entire Family and loved ones. I have always congratulated the world because of the gifts of God like you. My Father gave me a cassette containing your testimony in 1994, I was listening to it after midnight on a certain day when the power of God grabbed me from inside. I was quaking uncontrollably until I let myself go. The next time I opened my eyes it was about 7 o’ clock in the morning. Since that time I use to look at Pastor Benny Hinn ( I am more used to calling you Reverend Benny Hinn) with some awe. I have never met you personally, but I did see you on the platform at Asuza 2006 in California. You are a very special man because “the word of the Lord is with you.” This is the major reason why I greatly rejoice and congratulate you.
    As you step into the next season of your anointing and calling, may God be glorified every step of the way.
    One more, I say a very big Congratulations!

  8. Happy birthday to you sir, love you.

  9. Jean Claude Manirakiza

    Happy birthday dear Benny Hinn, may God bless you more and more and more than enough. May He prolongs again your days. I love you and I followed you from my childhood, as a small boy was amazing to see the power of God that lives in you, and I wish that power to be in me in this end time. I wish you to keep moving from glory to glory.

  10. Happy birthday sir, thank you for being the champion of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, thank you sir for being an inspiration to our generation and changing lives around the world in Jesus name. Amen.

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